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Consumers are now on mobile, a business must have a mobile optimized website. If your business website isn't designed for mobile devices, it will be too difficult to use.
Your mobile prospects and customers will give up, or worse yet, go to a competitor who’s already made a mobile friendly site.
People use their mobile phone all the time EVEN while watching TV, eating, attending meetings, or doing something else.
A smart phone is the best shopping companion to read reviews, compare prices, locate a local store, scan QR codes, and get mobile coupons to make immediate purchases.
Almost everyone has a mobile phone on them, MANY are web-connected, 24/7!
Starting from 2013, more people use smart phones than computers to browse the internet, watch videos, social-media connect, search nearest restaurants and stores’ inventory.!
YES, mobile optimized website has become the easiest, fastest & most cost effective way to market to customers - bar none.
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