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85 to 95 percent or more of all appeals are won or lost on the briefs, before you ever step into the courtroom for oral argument. So how do you know if your brief is persuasive? How do you know if your facts tell the judges what they need and want to know? How do you know if it answers the questions judges have? Ask them. Thatís what Appellatology does. Appellatology is a unique web-based service that puts your appellate brief in front of a panel of retired judges and senior lawyers. They will conference your brief, just like an appellate panel will, as you listen and watch. And with an Appellatology panel, youíll be able to ask your judges questions. Youíll get direct answers about: * The strength and weaknesses of your legal arguments * The strength and weaknesses of your fact section * Whether your Issues advance the themes of your brief * Whether your Jurisdiction section takes care of business or whether it requires more * Whether your brief is persuasive * How to improve the readability of your brief

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