Insiders Entertainment inc. in Wauconda

Insiders Entertainment creates solutions for the needs and desires of your guests. Our team brings the latest technology, innovative design and creativity to serve your production or event through lighting, sound, staging, and scenery.

We are inspired by the power of entertainment and its positive impact on society. Starting from Chicago, Illinois in 2001 Brandon Mojica and Nick Quinn have been collectively providing the vision for Insiders Entertainment Inc., strengthened by a team of designers, artists and technicians. By providing our team a stable environment, they can effectively exercise their talents, and our combined experiences have allowed us to raise expectations. Our melting pot approach integrates every unique member of our team to efficiently develop solutions. With an exponential growth of ideas, anything is possible. We are evaluating how entertainment is created, experienced and consumed while always reevaluating conventions and looking for ways to improve upon them. Our team of specialized individuals is committed to enhancing your experience. We use our creativity to provide you with entertainment solutions and to amplify the atmosphere, through lighting, sound, and scenic design.

1099 Brown Street #104, Wauconda, Illinois, United States, 60084

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